A chat with Brendan Swan

Today I met with Brendan Swan for a quick chat about his view on healthy living and quizzed him for all his tips on training and exercise.

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Brendan Swan is a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach with 13 years experience. He is also a Coach in Martial Arts and Self Defence with 16 years experience in that. His training included a mentorship in Chicago with Charles Poliquin www.strengthtsensei.com and Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition... Brendan knows what he's on about, and he's very blunt when its comes to training, I've had a few sessions with him and he's brutally honest about training and diet, but I've learnt a lot from him.

What has been your career highlight to date? 
Although Brendan has trained former Miss. Ireland's, Daniel Bernhardt (The Matrix), and Suzanne Jackson (Sosueme.ie) career highlights for him include helping people transform their bodies from a size 16 to a size 8 with right nutrition and exercise. He has also helped clients manage depression through his programs. 

What is his favourite healthy treat?
Brendan loves baking!!! He makes a range of gluten Free desserts and treats for himself/family including a No-Bake Cherry Brownie & Cinnamon Swirl Bread both using coconut flour and stevia instead of traditional white flour & sugar. He wouldn't give me any recipes though; mean Brendan!
He also recommends eating high water content fruits as treats whenever you get a sugar craving such as;
Watermelon  ///  Galia Melon  ///  Honeydew Melon   ///  Strawberries  ///  Mango

What motivates Brendan to work out on 'Off Days'...
Brendan knows that after a workout he will always feel better than before he started and be ready to take on his day...

Best diet advice?
He recommends meal prepping, having healthy snacks on standby and knowing in advance what and when his next meal will be. He recommends Google for researching new recipes. 

Brendan health secrets...
7-8 hours beauty sleep. But if you have a high stress job, awkward working hours or children and you can't manage the full 7-8 hours try get a 20-30 minute power nap in if possible to rest and repair your body.  Good vitamins and supplements... Brendan says that our Grandparents had 100 times less stress and 100 times more nutrients in the soil that grows our food compared to our lives today, which we need to make up for in the food choice and supplements we make.

He recommends Vitmain D3 to combat the lack of natural sunlight in Ireland, Vitamin E as a good antioxidant, immune enhancer and skin rejuvenator. And a Fish Oil, Brendan recommends Eskimo Oil or Krill Oil for joint health, brain health and help with normalising hormones.
WATER! Brendan recommends drinking plenty of water, he says 1 litre of water for every 15kg of body weight. 
Weight training! Weight training burns more muscle than doing hours and hours of cardio. Weight training helps reduce feelings of depression. Helps to fight Osteoporosis, lowers your risk of Diabetes and helps strengthen your heart!

Brendan's best workout advice...
He recommends getting a personal trainer if its your first time stepping into a gym. You will need someone to show you how to train and do the exercises correctly to avoid any injury. A trainer will also be able to give you a gym program to follow on your own based on what you're trying to achieve; better health or an upcoming event or holiday. Brendan recommends working out x3 a week to maintain the body you already have and x4 or more workouts a week to change your body. 
He also says be a little selfish and put yourself first, if you go away on holidays the work you've put into your body will show, so make time to put the effort into taking care of yourself first. 

Favourite 'Cheat Meal'?
Brendan loves Thai, so anything from Canoodle or Camile as a treat will do him... Still sounds pretty clean to me!!!!
He also recommends, for anyone doing a Body Transformation program or heavy training program, to research restaurants and their menus before going to them so you have a rough idea of what clean choices you can order. He has a cheat meal every other weekend!

Brendan Swan can be contacted on 0831440215... I've done a few personal training sessions with him and hes given me a really good program that I still follow myself in the gym. He runs small training groups of no more than 8 people to help you get into shape over 6-8 weeks and gives a full diet and training program.